Our Products cover a vast range of Spectrum from Domestic utilization systems to Agricultural, Water and Sewage units.  All the pipes and fittings are manufactured in  a range of choice depending on the design and specification given by our Clients.


Kinetics was incorporated in March 1981 to undertake mechanical engineering projects in mainly Kenya and Eastern Africa. The company’s principal activities are:- Water, Irrigation, Agricultural, Industrial and Sewage Sector countrywide.

  • Manufacture of pipe fittings e.g.  Bends, Tees, V.J. Couplings, Tappers (Reducers), Saddle Clamps, Flanged Adaptors, Bell Mouths etc.
  • Manufacture of Epoxy coated steel pipes, Bitumen lined steel pipes and Galvanized pipes from   ½” to 36″.
  • Stockist of Sluice Valves, Non Return Valves  (Check Valves), Gate Valves, AM Water meters from South Africa whose performance is equivalent to Helix, ABB Elister or Kent, Fire Hydrants etc.
  • We also undertake Laying and  Installation of Pipes , Fittings, Valves and Water Meters.


Our mission is to maximize customer satisfaction and thus making it a service partner by providing products manufactured in conformation the KBS and BS 4504 quality standards. Our products  provide a flexible and reliable service over  a long period and resistant to human error and corrosion caused by soil or fluids being carried.

Our manufacturing  plant and Head office located off Lunga Lunga Rd, Woodway close, opposite Leakey storage, R.T Buildings. Services are always open daily during normal working hours to all our clients.

The Depth of the company’s experience covers a wide spectrum in the engineering discipline, from major water supply to various types of sewerage projects. Most of the projects are awarded by relevant Ministries and local authorities with funding from World Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), Africa Development Bank (ADB), kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KFW, Germany), Japan International Co operation Agency (JICA, Japan) etc.

The founder members and the other directors are qualified professionals, each having more than fifteen to thirty years of experience in the engineering field in Africa. The purpose of Kinetics is dynamic Water & Sanitation Infrastructural Development in Africa with a strong renewable and social aspect to the business. The core values are honouring commitments, thriving on challenges and inspiring vitality. The vision for Kinetics is to be the most respected water and sanitation infrastructure partner in Africa by presence, performance and market penetration.

Workshop & Team

Kinetics Engineering Ltd is a leading company in Kenya and an established concern which can undertake big projects and can provide Managerial, Technical and Procurement services to the Water, Agricultural, Irrigation and Industrial sectors.

Because of its well equipped mechanical workshop and having access to other equipments like construction, it can undertake a wide range of engineering works. Currently Kinetics Engineering Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of  Epoxy Coated Pipes, Bitumen lined Steel pipes (BLS), Fittings i.e Flanged Adaptors, Mechanical couplings, Tapers, Tees, Bends etc for water and sewer drainage systems.

Founders of Kinetics are qualified and experienced engineers who have made it pick up with the fast developing world in relation to the quality of work that is handled by the company. All our products are manufactured in a range of choice depending on the design and the volume of fluid  to be distributed at any particular period. Our products provide a flexible operational and reliable service over a long period and resistant to human error and corrosion caused by soil or by the fluids which are carried.

Our main aim is continual improvement and automation of our products and the reduction in costs to the benefit of our esteemed clients. In the past Kinetics has associated with other companies to provide multidisciplinary services and has handled big projects in Sewerage, Irrigation and Water works.

With our well equipped workshop where we are involved in the manufacture of steel pipes and fittings, we also undertake the installation of Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Water Meters for sewerage and water systems. Hence we are specialised in both water and sewerage construction works.

Kinetics Owns the Following Equipment 

# Description Quantity
1 Lathe machine ( Two long Bed )  5
2 Oxy-Acetelyne welding sets  6
3 Arc welding machines  6
4 MIG welding machines  2
5 Drilling machines  2
6 Milling machines  1
7 Cutting machines  3
8 Bending machines  4
9 Hydraulic press  2
10 Bitumen coating machine  1
11 Grinding machines  10
12 Generators (120KVA)  1
13 Compressor  1
14 Pumps  3
15 Concrete mixer 0.4m3  2
16 Chain block  2
17 Jacks  3
18 Press machine  2
19 Cutting machine  1


Our Staff and Company Size

Type of Personnel Number
 Permanent  45
 Casual Site  15
 Administration  7
 Total  67


Company Information

Registered Name:

Kinetics Engineering Ltd
P.O Box 18059
Tel: 254 020 – 556001, 559828,651031
Fax: 254 020- 558615
E-Mail: kinetics2005@yahoo.Com


D.K. Kisanya
Ashu Sharma
A. Patel

Technical Advisor:

Arjan Shankla
(B Eng-Hons. R Eng. C Eng. Mistructe Miek Muipe
Mieti Maak(E)
Asap Consultant Ltd
P.O Box 41990, Nairobi
Tel: 254 020- 748422/751565/750903
Fax: 254 020 750431
E-Mail: build@net2000ke.com
Mob. No. 0722 514022

Company Secretary:

Manohar Lal & Rai
Mwanzi Road
P.O Box 42027, Nairobi –Kenya

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P.O Box 41171, Tel: 313667


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Enterprise Road
P.O Box 18060

Giro Commercial Bank
Mashariki Branch
P.O Box 18002

Auditors :

Handa Shah & Associates
P.O Box 43909